Niall Horan hangs out in Melbourne pub

September 11, 2013 • Arts & Entertainment, News,

Niall Horan is said to be holidaying in Melbourne.

Niall Horan is said to be holidaying in Melbourne.

One Direction star Niall Horan stunned the Irish staff of a Melbourne hotel when he arrived in the door with a group of friends.

Niall is believed to be on holidays in the city with his cousin ahead of his Australian tour and the team at the Temperance Hotel made sure he could relax with his pals.

General manager Trevor Hines from Drogheda told the staff in the Chapel Street venue not to take photographs of the X Factor sensation.

And he is hopeful that Niall, who turns 20 on Friday, will return to the venue after his four-hour visit on Monday.

“I told the guys not to put anything up on Facebook and to respect his privacy,” he said.

“We wanted to make him feel comfortable and not annoyed. He’s here to enjoy himself and relax. He knows he can come here and relax. I told them not to take pictures and to leave him alone.”

Niall arrived with about 15 friends and the team at the hotel knew who he was straight away. He ordered steak and chips and went up to the bar when it was his round.

“He was up at the bar and chatting away to the staff. When it was his round he got up and bought a round,” he said.

“He was just one of the boys for the day.”

A crowd of young fans started to gather outside the venue and the staff let him know they were present.  “I don’t know how they got word,” he said.

Trevor said that supervisor Colm Brennan from Kerry was also thrilled to meet Niall. The hugely popular singer was at the venue from 2pm to about 6pm on Monday and his driver then picked him up. He left his hat and hoodie behind him and the driver returned later in the evening to pick them up.

The group ran up a tab of between $300 and $400 dollars and other members of the group bought separate drinks. Twitter is buzzing with excited messages by fans about reported sightings of the Mullingar-born star around the city.

“Hay Niall, my mum told me yesterday that you are in Melbourne and I fainted. Do you like it down here, please reply, I love u,” one fan tweeted to the pop star.

And another fan called for calm amongst the huge excitement. “Come on guys really #niallinmelbourne just leave him in peace. I’m sure he is tired and just wants a break before seeing the rest of the boys,” she wrote.

One Direction are due to tour Australia from September 23 and will play eight shows in Melbourne.



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