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  • Promote your business or service to the Irish community.

  • Raise community awareness about an issue, event or cause.

  • Shine a light on your company's success.

  • Support community journalism.

  • Advertising is a legitimate tax-deductible business expense.

  • You want to target a high-earning, English-speaking section of the Australian community.


  • There are approximately 120,000 Irish-born residents living in Australia.

  • There are a further 300,000 Australians with at least one Irish-born parent.

  • At least one in three Australians can claim Irish heritage.

The success of our community

  • Irish people living in Australia are among the nation's highest earners, according to the census.

  • When individual income is compared by place of birth, Ireland is the second highest on the list.

  • Irish people in Australia have a high disposable income.

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