Donegal island's open invitation to restless Aussies

The people of the island of Arranmore was Aussies to live and work there.

The people of the island of Arranmore was Aussies to live and work there.

The people of the tiny Donegal island of Arranmore have issued an open invitation to Australians to consider a life there.

The ‘open letter from one island people to another’ begins: “To the people of Australia, you’ve probably never heard of us but we are writing to you from the island of Arranmore (Árainn Mhór in Gaelic), off the west coast of Ireland.”

It continues: “Over the last 150 years, since the Famine first hit Ireland, hundreds of our natives have made their way down under, in search of new opportunities.

“This mass exodus continues year after year. Traditional industries such as fishing and farming just aren’t enough of a draw to keep young people here anymore. It’s been a challenge for people to work here. Until now that is.”

The population of Arranmore, all 469 of them, are very excited about their new broadband connection and see it as an opprtunity to pitch their wares to the globe.

“Last month we got high speed broadband for the first time - robust, secure connectivity that is as good as any office in Sydney or Melbourne,” the letter read.

“And we wanted Aussies to be the first to know that Arranmore Island is now officially open for business.”

The letter went on to say that many of the ‘multi-talented’ locals are ‘ready to collaborate” including “Jessie, a graphic designer, Neil, a mobile games developer, Matt, an app developer and Elaine, a photographer.”

But Arranmore might also provide the perfect seachange for stressed out Aussies.

“Your commute”, the letters says, “will only ever be five minutes.”

“Swap brown snakes and great whites for acres of open (and safe) space. Fed up of overpacked beaches? On Arranmore, you’ll have secluded beaches all to yourself.”

Finally, there are the pubs which, they admit, “don’t have schooners, but they do have Guinness on tap that will blow them out of the water.”