NZ visa changes to impact Irish passport holders

New Zealand is implementing new visa requirements from October 1, with Irish passport holders among those who will be impacted.

Visitors from Ireland must now request an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) before travelling to New Zealand, which tourists from visa-waiver countries previously did not need.

Irish citizens will need an ETA, which is similar to a visitor visa, to stay in New Zealand for up to three months, while Australian citizens will be exempt from both traditional visa and ETA requirements.

The authorisation does not permit visitors to work in the country.

Irish citizens travelling to New Zealand will need to apply for an ETA.

Irish citizens travelling to New Zealand will need to apply for an ETA.

To apply for an ETA, which is electronically linked to passengers’ passports and remains valid for two years, visitors must provide information such as criminal conviction history and travel intentions, and pay a NZ $12 fee.

Almost four million travellers visited the island country in 2018, which has experienced a surge in tourism in the last five years as people flock to its ski slopes and waterfront cities.

According to Immigration New Zealand, the changes are intended to enhance security, address immigration and smuggling risks, and improve the traveller experience.

Tourists may also need to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL), but Immigration New Zealand has yet to announce which travellers are required to make this payment.