Dr Cosmos

Dylan Moran returns to Australia: 'It might involve shouting'

Dylan Moran, one of Ireland’s best loved comedians is returning to Australia this month with his new show, Dr Cosmos.

Moran, well-known as the creator and star of Black Books and as a hugely successful stand-up comic, has been attracting audiences since the 1990’s when he won the Edinburgh Festival’s So You Think You’re Funny award.

In 1996, at the age of 24, he became the youngest comedian to win the coveted Perrier Comedy. The Meath stand up was voted 14th in Channel 4’s list of the greatest comics of all time in 2010.

Moran says he is looking forward to returning to Australia, a country with which he says he has a ‘fantastic relationship’.

Dylan Moran commands a huge following in Australia. Picture: Adam Hollingworth

Dylan Moran commands a huge following in Australia. Picture: Adam Hollingworth

“I always enjoy the shows when I’m there. I’m looking forward to getting to Oz, for sure,” he told the Irish Echo.

“I first went when I was 22 or 23. I was in Melbourne for six weeks and had a great time. I vividly remember the taste of coffee and wine and the evenings in Melbourne.

“I was madly in love and followed my girlfriend all the time. It was wonderful, it was a great place to be young and hang out and work. It was very memorable.

“Me and my family have visited something crazy like five times. We have a fantastic relationship with Australia. It’s been part of our lives in an unexpected way.”

Moran’s shows always feature his unique stream-of-consciousness take on the world at large and his own world. He enjoys a massive following in Australia. His most-recent tour four years ago was the second-largest ever behind Billy Connolly.

In Dr Cosmos, topics from religion to cat personalities and politics to shampoo adverts get the Moran treatment although he is reluctant to go into too much detail.

“It’s more of a complicated Irish stew, there’s a lot of things in it. It came together over time. I’m talking about everything, literally everything but in what I hope is a relatable, accessible, funny way.

“That’s what I do so I’m trying to make time go by pleasantly. I mean sometimes it might involve a bit of shouting but nobody dies.

“Family life and the news and what your life feels like, what I think life feels like. What I think it is that we’re in, trying to describe what we’re in together, that’s kind of what I do I think.”

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Brexit are fertile fodder for humour and, Moran observes, these are indeeed “exotic times”.

“I think everybody knows we live in particularly exotic times, everything is feeling far too fruity so everybody craves stability and sanity.

“The people we’ve got at the moment, the universe has lined them up so they’re all arseholes at the same time which is unusual and then people are losing their minds because it’s frightening.

“We need to get rid of these people, we need to get some other sane human beings because there’s just far too much rage floating around.”

Moran, who for many years took the stage with a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of red nearby, has stopped drinking and smoking.

Has this affected his writing?

“I don’t really think it has. If anything, I’ve probably got a bit more energy than before,” he says.

“I’m just a bit more pleasant. It suited me (to stop drinking). Different things work for different people. That works for me.”

The now 47-year-old has acted in comedy films such as Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy, Run but he has also taken on more serious roles such as his parts in Calvary and Good Vibrations.

Is he keen to do more of the straight acting?

I’m just a bit more pleasant. It suited me (to stop drinking). Different things work for different people. That works for me.

“Yeah. If the phone rings, I am available, midweek especially. I’m writing something for BBC that we’re going to make next year so there’s stuff going on.

“I’ve been on the road for a couple of years with this show. I’m going to shoot it pretty soon in Vicar Street before I forget all of it you know. I’m doing a lot, I’m kind of busy.”

All he will say about his BBC project is that it is a comedy series. Some fans may want to see his channel 4 hit Black Books return but Dylan is categoric in his response when he sees the question coming: “The answer is no. I know what you’re going to ask. the answer’s no.”

Dylan Moran begins his Australia tour in Wollongong on October 23. Check our what’s on for other dates.